7 Reasons Why All Dresses Should Have Pockets

As a female, there is always a bit of excitement when you discover your dress is not only cute, but it has pockets!!!! How functional!!! Even Jennifer Lawrence was in awe and distracted by the fact her red carpet dress had pockets. 

1. It's a place put your phone.

Unless you are carrying a purse or some sort of cross body you're stuck holding it in your hand or setting it down somewhere. Then you run the risk of forgetting it at someones house, or it gets stolen off the bar, or your hands are so full trying to juggle your phone, your drink and your sparkling personality. 

2. It's a home for your lip gloss or chapstick.

When your like me and addicted to chapstick I hate when it is out of reach or I have to go digging through a giant bag overtime I what to find. It's so much more convenient to have it readily accessible.

3. Pockets free up your hands.

If you're like me where you work three jobs and when you leave for the day it's usually along with a wallet, a coffee, your lunch, maybe a banana because if you put it in a bag it will be smooched banana. With all of that happening you still have to find a way to lock the door, close your gate and unlock your car. Some of those items would be happy to sit in your pocket and free up those hand. 

4. A place for your hands.

It doesn't have to be cold out to enjoy putting your hands in your pockets. I find extremely comforting especially during those awkward conversations when you don't know what to do with your hands, alas, put them in your pocket.

5. Because some females don't alway want to carry a purse.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate carrying a bag places. Unless I'm headed into work or a trip I will not be carrying a bag. Pockets make this a possibility! Phone, wallet, chapstick, done!

6. So people don't have to touch your boob sweat money.  

I get it, you're going out to dance and the last thing you want to lug onto the dance floor, however no one wants your sweaty card or cash that you pull out of your bra, it's gross. Pockets would completely fix this unsanitary problem.

7. Great for those sneaky trips to the bathroom.

Whether it's your favorite time of the month or you hate putting makeup on in front of people, pockets are a great inconspicuous way to carry the essentials with you to the ladies room and no one wants to bring their whole big bag to the bathroom. 

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